“Linsanity” Takes Over Trademark Office

“Linsanity,” the catchphrase used to describe the buzz surrounding New York Knicks star Jeremy Lin, is sweeping the country. Not surprisingly, it has made it all the way to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

As is often the case, Lin wasn’t the first one to file a trademark application. A California man, Yenchin Chang, became the first to apply for a “Linsanity” trademark. According to Bloomberg, he has no ties to the basketball star and simply “wanted to be part of the excitement.”

Andrew W. Slayton, also of California, filed the second application. He claims to have coached Lin in high school and has reportedly registered the domain names Linsanity.com and thejeremylinshow.com.

In total, seven trademark applications have been filed for “Linsanity.” Lin filed his application on February 14. He is seeking to use the phrase on merchandise such as bags, cups, clothing, toys and beverages.

While other people may have beaten Lin to the USPTO, he will likely be able to successfully oppose the prior applications and make the case that he should be awarded the trademark. In fact, given all of the attention Lin has received, he should have no problem demonstrating that he is the true inspiration behind the term “Linsanity.”

How Can I Help?

Even if you aren’t a celebrity or famous athlete, your trademark is your company’s unique face to the world and can add value to your products and services. Contact me today by phone or email to discuss.


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