Protecting Your Trade Secrets: Should You Turn Off the Lights?

Companies often go to great lengths to protect their valuable trade secrets. However, these efforts do not have to be costly – just ask Google.

The tech giant made news last week when reports surfaced that it keeps all of its servers located at shared data centers in complete darkness in an effort to protect its trade secrets. As Yahoo reports, Google designs and builds its own servers and considers this hardware to be a valuable trade secret.

Therefore, when Google has to share third-party data centers with its competitors, it takes steps to ensure its servers are protected. While the solution may be novel, it is surprisingly low-tech. Google unscrewed all of the light bulbs.

During the installation process, Google requested that all overhead lights be disabled. Now, when Google’s staff accesses or performs work on their servers, technicians need to wear headlamps to see what they are doing.

For more conventional ways to protect your trade secrets, please contact me.


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