Can You Patent a Tattoo? Nokia Says Yes

Patents and patent applications are often the first indicators that a new technology or product is on the horizon. This may be the case with Nokia’s recent patent application for a vibrating tattoo.

While it may seem like something out of a science fiction movie, the cellphone maker is seeking to patent a tattoo capable of alerting the “wearer” of an incoming call or text. According to the patent application, the tattoo would be comprised of “a material capable of detecting a magnetic field and transferring a perceivable stimulus to the skin.” For those who are concerned about the permanency of an embedded device, the technology could also be worn as a badge, according to Nokia’s patent application.

Of course, Nokia may not be currently working on this implantable technology, but rather ensuring that it is the first to lay claim to it. It is not unusual for companies to seek patents years ahead of any plans to develop it. In these cases, the patent application is simply a pre-emptive strike designed to ensure that the patent holder will be able to reap the benefits should another company develop the product first.

Nonetheless, it does suggest that Nokia believes that this technology has promise and carrying our cellphones in our pockets may soon be a thing of the past.

Source: Tech News World


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