Is Alternative Dispute Resolution the Answer to Your IP Dispute?

Alternative dispute resolution often offers a cost efficient and prompt resolution to intellectual property conflicts. It also allows the parties to resolve their disputes outside of court in a private forum, with the assistance of a qualified neutral intermediary selected by the parties.

The benefits of IP ADR include time and cost efficiency, flexibility, party control, neutrality, a single procedure, confidentiality, and expertise. However, it can only be utilized when both parties agree or when mandated by the court.

At Sheldon Mak & Anderson, our ADR group provides independent neutrals for mediation, arbitration, early neutral evaluation (ENE) and other ADR proceedings, as well as represent clients in such proceedings.

More specifically, our IP ADR Group works with:

  • General or outside counsel seeking an independent or second opinion on the character and relative strength of an IP matter.
  • Courts, ADR providers and counsel in need of skilled IP neutrals.
  • Clients seeking ADR counsel with extensive IP experience to represent them or assist their counsel in ADR proceedings.

We handle conflicts including: patents, copyrights and trademarks, trade secrets, licensing and other IP-related and technology disputes. Our technology skills include: chemistry, engineering, biology, bioengineering, medicine, physics, imaging science and biotechnology.


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