Obama Campaign Files Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

Even President Barak Obama is not immune from trademark troubles. His re-election campaign has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against a website that sells clothing, bumper stickers, and other paraphernalia with the campaign’s “O’’ logo.

The lawsuit alleges that products sold by Demstore.com infringe two of its logos. The first is the campaign’s trademarked “Rising Sun” logo, which features a blue “O’’ with red and white stripes at the bottom. A second logo created for the latest campaign also features the same “O.”

According to court documents, “Defendants are using the Rising Sun Trademarks on merchandise in a deliberate and willful attempt to draw on the goodwill and commercial magnetism of the Rising Sun Trademarks and the Obama Campaigns.”

The lawsuit further contends that the campaign is concerned that Demstore.com’s use of the logo “is likely to create confusion” among consumers.  The Obama campaign also alleges that the website’s sale of the infringing products not only means lost merchandise sales, but also damages its future fundraising efforts.

“[E]ach time a supporter makes a relatively small purchase on the website, [Obama for America] obtains that individual’s contact information, which OFA can then use to reach out to that individual repeatedly to seek further donations and further opportunities to promote the Campaign,” the campaign claims.

Source: The Blog of Legal Times

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