Apple Patent Success Not Spreading Overseas

Apple Inc.’s recent blockbuster $1.05 billion verdict in its patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung Electronics Co. may not translate into victories overseas. Apple and Samsung have patent litigation currently pending on four continents, and each company has been able to claim some measure of success in recent weeks.

In Japan, a Tokyo court found that Samsung did not infringe Apple patents. The Japanese patent infringement case involved data transfer technology and, therefore, did not involve all of the same patents addressed in the much larger U.S. case. Nonetheless, the decision highlights that success in one jurisdiction does not necessarily guarantee success in another.

In a South Korean decision reached shortly before the U.S. verdict was announced, Samsung also won a small victory. The Seoul court found that both Apple and Samsung were liable for infringement. It awarded damages to both sides and required each company to stop selling certain products.

Although the facts of each case may be similar, the patent laws of each country may differ significantly. With this in mind, it is imperative that companies retain experienced attorneys who are familiar with the specific intellectual property laws of each country.

For information about international patent protection, I encourage you to contact me today by phone or email to schedule a consultation.


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