USPTO Announces Text2PTO Program for Patent Applications

Filing your patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office may become easier. The agency recently announced development of a new program called Text2PTO, which will enable the USPTO to receive patent applications as text files.

While it may seem like a minor change, the program will make it considerably easier to file and amend documents submitted electronically to the USPTO. Under the current system, all documents must be converted into a PDF document prior to submission.

In a recent USPTO blog post, Director David Kappos outlined the anticipated benefits, which include increasing the accuracy and integrity of the application file, eliminating the need for applicants to create three separate PDF documents for abstract, claims, and specification, and the availability of new USPTO analytical reporting tools, which will allow some formalities checks as well as access to information related to patent families, continuity, claim dependencies and other application content.

The agency also expects the new program to reduce its workload and costs as well. According to the USPTO, it plans to pass these savings on to applicants through filing fee discounts for applications submitted through Text2PTO.

The program is currently under development. Stay tuned for updates.

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