USPTO Announces Global Dossier Initiative

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recently announced the Global Dossier Initiative. While it sounds like something James Bond might use, it is designed to make it easier to pursue patent applications in multiple offices across the world.

As detailed by the USPTO, the Global Dossier was initially proposed by the United States in November 2011, and further developed jointly with the Japan Patent Office. At a recent meeting of the IP5, the Global Dossier was formally endorsed as a way to advance the international patent system, and its members are currently working to bring the concept to fruition.

The USPTO has outlined the following benefits of the Global Dossier:

  • Facilitation of preplanned cross-filings;
  • One-portal management of cross-filed applications; elimination of the need to file duplicate documents in multiple offices (e.g., priority documents, prior art citations, and so on); and
  • Cost savings through the use of modern machine translation tools.
  • Work-sharing leverage not only through information exchange, but also examiner collaboration, which will add to patent quality worldwide.

As the USPTO acknowledges, many of the ideas included in the Global Dossier Initiative are not new; in fact, many are already in development. The intent of the initiative is to bring the programs together to generate “a unified outcome with clear benefits to all stakeholders in the patent system.”

How I Can Help

As the world continues to shrink, I recognize the need for protecting my clients’ intellectual property in foreign countries. For more information about pursuing patent applications outside of the United States, please contact me.


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