Cool-A-Coo: Acquiring Classic Brands Can Be A Great Way to Reach the Market

Any Dodgers’ baseball fan could have told you about the great experience with the Cool-A-Coo brand ice cream sandwich: a dreamy concoction of the richest vanilla ice cream between two oatmeal cookies, all drenched in rich chocolate.  The Cool-A-Coo brand ice cream sandwich was so beloved, it was considered by many as an integral part of the Dodger Stadium experience.

But fortunes changed, and for more than 10 years the sandwich and the Cool-A-Coo name disappeared from the Dodger Stadium. Over the years there had been talk about a revival, but nothing came of it.

In the mean time, our client Shine Foods (founded by Dr. Lee, an American Chinese dentist, who also owns Jessie Lord Bakery, a respected baker of pies) acquired the classic brand, together with the recipes and process equipment, with the belief that you can never keep a beloved classic brand down for long.   And Dr. Lee is exactly right!!  New management of the Dodgers wants the revival of the classic, and our client gladly obliged.  The fans love it, and the sports media reports it with vigor (Stan Kasten of Fox Sport News spent several minutes on the Cool-A-Coo come back).  By all appearances, the Cool-A-Coo brand is back to stay as a cherished part of the experience at the Dodger Stadium.  Retail versions may follow.

Share the excitement for the Cool-A-Coo line at:

There is often tremendous business goodwill stored in classic trademarks, waiting for the right operator to come along and revive the mark.   With built in consumer recognition, bringing back and expanding a classic line can be a very effective way of developing the American market.


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