Astronomy and Law

With yesterday’s move by Spain to nix the unitary patent system in the EU, it seems that the only active attempt to find a path to a global patent system is the global dossier initiative announced last year by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The Global Dossier Initiative is designed to make it easier to pursue patent applications in multiple offices across the world.

As detailed by the USPTO, the Global Dossier was initially proposed by the United States in November 2011, and further developed jointly with the Japan Patent Office.  At a recent meeting of the IP5, the Global Dossier was formally endorsed as a way to advance the international patent system, and its members are currently working to bring the concept to fruition.

The USPTO has outlined the following benefits of the Global Dossier:

  • Facilitation of preplanned cross-filings;
  • One-portal management of cross-filed applications; elimination of the…

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