British Judge Orders Apple to Rewrite Samsung Apology

Apple Inc. has been ordered back to the drawing board by a British judge after he ruled that the tech giant failed to comply with an order in its ongoing patent dispute with Samsung Electronics.  The judge ordered Apple to run a series of advertisements in several major newspapers and trade publications acknowledging that Samsung did not copy the iPad. Apple was also required to post a notice on its UK website for at least six months.

The order follows a ruling that the design of Samsung’s Galaxy did not infringe Apple’s popular tablet. Judge Colin Birss said Samsung did not infringe on the iPad since Samsung’s Galaxy tablets “do not have the same understated and extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design.” He made headlines when he also added, “They are not as cool.”

In drafting it website notice, Apple incorporated the judge’s comment about the “uncoolness” of the Samsung tablet and also cited other Samsung infringement cases around the world that have been decided in Apple’s favor. However, the judge was not happy that Apple took artistic license with the statement, characterizing it as “untrue” and “incorrect.”

The judge gave Apple 24 hours to remove the statement from its website, and 48 hours to post a new one. It denied Apple’s request for a 14-day extension.  “I would like to see the head of Apple make an affidavit setting out the technical difficulties,” said Judge Robin Jacob, Bloomberg reports. “…This is Apple. They cannot put something on their website?”


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