An Un-Bear-able Trademark Suit.

Astronomy and Law

Who would have thought that cute cover model, web sensation and all around tourist attraction Knut would be at the center of an international trademark dispute.

The History
Knut was born at the Berlin Zoo on 5 December 2006, but was rejected by his mother for unknown reasons.  Zoo keepers rescued Knut and spent the next 44 days struggling to keep Knut alive in an inspiring around the clock vigil.

Due to some controversial German court rulings about humans raising animals, some activists called for Knut to be euthanized drawing international attention.  Public support swelled and the Zoo refused such calls.  During his first three years, Knut drew as many as 400,000 visitors a day to the Zoo and was huge driver of Knut related goods.

However, it was not meant to last.

On 19 March 2011, at the age of four, Knut collapsed and died in his enclosure from…

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