Science and the Shutdown – The Results.

Astronomy and Law

The government shutdown that just ended may have had a permanent, detrimental effect on many American science initiatives.

Below are a few links from article explaining the lingering doubts, and lost opportunities that were affected over a budget battle that should never have been waged.  That being said, the politicians that start the whole shutdown really don’t care about science anyway.

The Government Shutdown Was Temporary, Its Damage to Science Permanent, Scientific American.

“In many ways the federal government shutdown was a huge, unplanned experiment in what happens when we give up on science for two weeks. The experiment is now over and the results are still incomplete. But so far, they are ugly.”

Shutdown’s science fallout could last for years, Politico.

“Even if the government opens tomorrow, a significant amount of damage has been done,” said Mary Woolley, president of Research!America, a nonprofit advocating for science-minded agencies…

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